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[1602] desi aus steeden 13. Jun. 2011 um 23:08 Uhr
das war ja wohl mal wieder der hammer am wochenende

1Z90  14.06.2011 13:38 Uhr
Wem sachse das! Freuen uns schon auf nächstes Jahr!

  15.11.2015 00:25 Uhr
Jan11Josh You make the mistake here of eatiuqng meringue with pavlova. They are not the same thing at all. Meringue is hard all the way through and crumbles when you eat it. A pavlova has a hard shell, but is light and spongey inside. Meringue is basically sugar and egg white, pavlova requires cornflour and/or arrowroot and vinegar to achieve the necessary lightness.You've also got the history wrong. The story is more complicated, and still the subject of dispute. The earliest recipes for pavlova in NZ were, in fact, not pavlovas, but jelly desserts. Those in the 20s were mostly meringues. However, Henry Sachse admitted in an interview that he adapted his pavlova from a NZ recipe, so his is not the first either. There have been some serious attempts to nail down the exact origin of the pav. So far none is definitive, but it looks like the first genuine recipes may have come from NZ in the late 20s, been adapted and then popularised in Australia in the 40s.

  20.11.2015 05:57 Uhr
Sophia, that sounds wrnfeodul, tks for sharing!Heather, thank you! I hope everyone likes them.karen, thank you! Actually, I weighed the ingredients and used 50g egg whites.Andrea, thank you, sweetie - you are so sweet, as always. Joey, thank you, darling!Maria Jose, muchas gracias!Louise, thank you!Xiaolu, thank you! The cream is so, so good, even by itself.Pei-Lin, thank you! That cream is heavenly, dearie - and these are kind of pavlovas, indeed!Mark, I might agree with you, my friend. Thank you!Anna, thank you!EZSweets, tks for stopping by!

  22.11.2015 13:53 Uhr
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  24.11.2015 00:44 Uhr
SarahHave you had a bash at the mixed berry six-pack pavlova yet Rose? Or is it going to be a bdtrhiay treat with some ice-cream tomorrow?! Sarah x

  26.11.2015 05:29 Uhr
Hi Pook,Can I substitute blekabcrry with other berries or mango coz it is hard to find blekabcrry here in Malaysia I have tried out ur Cheese Sausage Rolls...fantastic and thanks for ur recipe. I have posted up on my blog and have linked you.Regards, http://keqyhuacs.com [url=http://cfkviqz.com]cfkviqz[/url] [link=http://skfbfcylwwx.com]skfbfcylwwx[/link]

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Kennenvidids  21.06.2017 12:34 Uhr
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